Web Design

Websites can range from a few colourful lines of text to complex sites based around large databases of information. We are able to design sites as complicated or as simple as you like, with prices ranging from £200 for a very simple site, to around £1500 for a more exciting site, and more for dynamically generated and database driven sites. We offer web sites at a fixed cost for the entire design process, as well as maintaining sites at an hourly rate.

To ensure that you are happy with the design of the site and to ensure that you do not find any unexpected costs in the development of your site, we run the design process as follows:

We are happy to arrange work to maintain sites we have designed or to update and maintain sites that you have already written - this work is charged at an hourly rate. If you also require web hosting we are able to organise yearly contracts to host and update sites (for instance web hosting plus two hours working on the site per month). For information on our current rates or to organise any of the work above, please e-mail us.

Take a look at some of the links below to see some of our work:

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The John Muafangejo Trust
Keble College Ball 1999
Tim Smith - Personal Web Site
Oxford University Company of Archers

To organise some web design, please e-mail us.

Web Hosting

We run our own web server, allowing high speed access both for the sites that we design and for customers who wish to write their own sites.

Our standard web hosting account is available at just £95 per year and includes:

If you require e-mail to be directed to more accounts, you can upgrade to 6 users for an additional £10 per year or 15 users for £20. You can control each user through the web interface. Each user can maintain their own web site and also have access to a restricted web interface to update their own e-mail settings.

We are able to organise domain registration at £25 per year for all .com, .net and .org domains and £30 for two years for all .uk domains.

If you require more than 15 users or would like to host a site that will require more bandwidth than included in our standard package, please e-mail us with your requirements and we will be able to offer you a different package.

We are now able to offer sites with dynamically generated and database-based content. At present this is only available for the sites that we design - please see the web design section or contact us if you would like to host your own sites of this type.

To sign up for web hosting, please e-mail us.